Krzysztof Białasik, natural horn

chris_hornKrzysztof Białasik started his musical education in the elementary music school at the age 13. Originally, his main subject was trumpet, but it was soon replaced by the French horn. After graduating from the secondary music school, he started his studies at the Music Academy in Poznań where he was accepted to the horn class of professor Krzysztof Stencel in 2002. He participated in numerous masterclasses, as well as orchestral and chamber music projects. While still studying in his fourth year, he was inspired by the art of playing the natural horn, introduced to him by his professor. He bought a suitable instrument and started a regular practice. During a lesson with Teunis van der Zwart, Krzysztof was invited to study at the Royal Conservatory in the Hague. He was accepted at this conservatory after finishing his studies in Poland.


Krzysztof’s main interests focus on performing chamber music. He is an active member of wind quintets and wind octets, as well as with small ensembles with fortepiano. He also performs with the following orchestras: New Dutch Academy, Warsaw Chamber Opera, Eik en Linde Baroque Ensemble, and Il Concerto Barocco.